Computer repair

Virus Removal, Hardware repair and Upgrade, Dust Cleanup, Software Upgrade and Operation System (Mac/Windows) Installation

Computer repair

Restaurant Management, Tablets, Network Printers and Kitchen Monitor


Router and Modem Setup, Internet Antenna, Firewall, Printers, Port Forwarding and Shared Folder

WEB Design

Web Pages, Hosting, Domain, Email Setup, Outlook and Youtube Videos


Antivirus, Firewall and Spyware Proteccion


Security Cameras

IP Camera, DVR, Remote View, Cabling and Microphone



     JR Computer Repair goal is to establish the average for computer resolutions completed fast, on-site service, and reply. The company’s clients will obtain personalized attention at a very reasonable price and will obtain the maximum quality of customer service.

To deliver a high quality computer service accessible to the public at a reasonable price; producing continuous progress in sales, and producing consumer satisfaction